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If you have any questions, trivial things and so on; please feel free to contact us. (We'll answer your inquiry as soon as possible.) Address→ info@zabou.org

Q. Those who can't select a size…

A.. You should wear fitted RESOLUTE. The most important thing for size selection is finding the right fit for you. We have some ideas to help you find the right fit. We want you to enjoy the sophisticated, smart silhouette of RESOLUTE 710 jeans, so when you are wearing RESOLUTE for the first time, it is important to check the fit. “You can wear RESOLUTE without a belt with a snug fit from your hip to your thigh.” Some people like it tighter, others prefer it loose. In the end, you should wear your favorite RESOLUTE size. If you have any problems, we’ll handle them at any time.

Q. Those who decided to buy jeans of one-wash type. If I wash them many times, will they shrink?

A.. When you bought it, it’s the smallest size. The more you wear it, the bigger the size becomes. However in the case of using clothes dryer many times, it may become different from the ordinary size selection. If you don’t know it, please feel free to ask the ZABOU staff.

Q. Is it possible to wash denim too much?

A.. No, it is not. There is no such a thing as too much. As Mr. Hayashi, RESOLUTE designer, said
“It’s just a jeans!”. We recommend to wash ordinary and wear RESOLUTE many times. If you leave dirt from skin on denim, the fabric will tend to wear out. You must break in your jeans. Then your jeans create BuriBuri, the stiches have a sawtooth pattern the denim has kyers. About timing of washing, you should wash when you think the denim is dirty considering the usage and now many times you wore the jeans. In fact, there is a blog from one of the ZABOU staff who washes RESOLUTE. How to wash them is written in it. →http://shop.zabou.org/?pid=38939363

Q. Those who worry about Tatami Jiwa of jeans, wrinkles that can be when you fold clothes…

A.. Some people worry about it, others don’t. If you worry about it, you turn them inside out while washing the jeans for the first time. After that, turn the jeans right-side out and iron them. Then the jeans will be clean. Also after turning right side out, sometimes lint will stick. If you peel them off, the jeans will come a good fit.

Q. Why are the seams of both side of the jeans wavy?

A.. I'll tell you about the conversation I had with Mr. Hayashi. “Denim fabric is the type of woven fabric, which is called “Twill”. The weft threads pass over one or more warp threads. The area where those threads cross looks like a dot, and the dots lie in a row create diagonal pattern. This characteristic pattern is called “twill”. Twill goes up left to right is right-hand twill, and right to left is left-hand twill. RESOLUTE denim fabric is right-hand twill. This is why it gets twisted from left to right.” Incidentally, cloth of RESOLUTE is right twill. Generally, it is natural for fabric to be twisted in the direction of twill. So you can enjoy RESOLUTE without worrying about it.

Q. Is it possible to exchange denim size and to return RESOLUTE?

A.. Yes. First about exchanging it, denim size of some people bought were big and some were small after they wore it. Then merchandise can be exchanged. In that case, you must return it within 5 days. In returning it, you'll need to pay for shipping fees. And about returning it, there are some conditions. For more information, please see the shopping guide of ZABOU webshop. If you don't know it, please feel free to send an email.

Q. How long will it take to order RESOLUTE?

A.. In the case of denim sizes being in stock at the manufacturer, they'll arrive at ZABOU on the next day of the day you ordered. Please allow up to 2〜3 days for delivery. But if the day you ordered is holiday (Weekend is holiday) and there is not stock at the manufacturer, delivery will be late. Then we will put stock information on ZABOU webshop. If you are worried about it, please feel free to send us an email.

*RESOLUTE 710 one wash Waist w26 to w34 Inseam L29,30,31,32,33,34,36  \23,760-(include Japan tax)

*RESOLUTE 710 one wash Waist w36 to w40 Inseam L30,31,32,33,34,36  \24,840-(include Japan tax)


RESOLUTE, a jeans brand, was launched in 2010.
Yoshiyuki Hayashi, Designer of RESOLUTE, is standing on his diversified experience of
over 30 years, he designed exclusively 4 types of jeans to start a jeans-only-brand.
The entire procedure of RESOLUTE jeans production is all MADE IN JAPAN, from its yarn
dyeing to its yarn weaving, sewing and processing.
Core model 710 has a lot of its sizing; the waist sizes vary from 26 to 40 inches, and for
each waist size there are from 5 to 8 different lengths ready. In total, 86 sizes are
available. The idea of carrying 86 different kinds of measurements comes from
Hayashi's prudent intention for the customers to make his creation fit each one's body
without shortening the length and changing the shape.
Simply because Hayashi does not compromise and is confident to maintain the best
quality and design over decades. Behind his strong confidence, we cannot ignore the
backbone of the World's best technology/duality of jeans production in Japan.


An evaluation of jeans made in Japan is high in worldwide. The production is Bingo
district over Okayama and Hiroshima,
The fabric for RESOLUTE is woven in Shinya Co., Ltd. in Ibara-shi, Okayama. An old power
loom still operates regularly, and the denim fobric woven there has much ordering
from global maison brand. Shinya Co., Ltd. is a partner of Hayashi from the DENIME
days. There is an old power loom for exclusive use of RESOLUTE, and expert craftsman
maintains it elaborately.
It is a sewing factory in Niimi-shi, Okayama, Niimisewing center to finish sewing to an
ideal silhouette with this fobric. It has a good reputation for technology once as it was
a designated factory of Levi's Japan. RESOLUTE is sewed by a sewing machine set
according to a sewing process finally,
Reliability is high so that Hayashisays, "It is only this factory to be able to sew RESOLUTE",
and guarantee sewed into the sleek of the pocket is proof of the quality.


RESOLUTE's core model.
A model based on Levi's 501 "Model 66", with precisely reproducing the denim fabric of those days, has a fine fading like those used Levi's jeans of late 1960's or 1970's. 8 different lengths are available for everyone to make it fit their legs without cutting off. In total, there are actually 86 different kinds of measurements available, we will not find any jeans like RESOLUTE710 in the world.

W26 - 34: 22,000 Japanese Yen 
W36,38,40 23,000 Japanese Yen

13.75oz/non wash  
14.00oz/one wash


A slightly wide straight type. Based on Work pants of the 1950's in America, the outline is refined with a lower rise and without a too-oose fit around the waist on RESOLUTE7ll, with an intention not to reproduce the XX model too precisely as typical replica brands do. However, all the important attributes are reproduced cautiously into details such as leather patch, hidden rivet, offset center back loop, and so on.

W26 - 34: 25,000 Japanese Yen  
W36,38,40: 26,000 Japanese Yen 

13.13oz/non wash 
13.5Ooz/one wash


A tapered straight type based on Levi's 505. This model has a tighter fit below the knees even compared to our other tapered models, 710 and 713. Utilized the sanforized fabric, and this model is the only one with a zip front closure.

W26 - 34: 21,000 Japanese Yen  
W 36: 22,000 Japanese Yen 

13.75oz/non wash 
14.00oz/one wash


A model with ca further modification to 710 integrating ca modernized lower rise. Has 2.5cm lower rise on the waist than 710, and is a tapered straight line exactly the same as 710.

W26 ? 34: 21,000 Japanese Yen 
W36: 22,000 Japanese Yen 

13.75oz/non wash  
14.00oz/one wash


open 11::00-19:00
close wednesday
phone +81.(0)848.37.0398

ONOMICHIDENIMPROJECT is that the people who lives in Onomichi wear the RESOLUTE jeans as
work pants almost every day in one year. The craftsman working at special factory wash jeans
by collecting each person's jeans in every Week in order to express the characteristics of each
jeons loss of color.
Onomichi citizen responded such our mind, about 270 real workers joined this project. Their
occupation varies, fisherman, agricultural Worker, carpenter, chief priest, and so on.ONOMICH
DENIMPROJECT started in January 2013, and "real" used jeans of RESOLUTE were completed one year
later. Now, it became very popular project that customers gathered for its jeans from all over Japan.


Yoshiyuki Hayashi

He was born in 1956. It is an opportunity that he longed for Levi's for youth and
begins to work in the jeans industry after graduation from university.
He learns the making of jeans by self-education, and in 1988 when DENIME
established, he is invited as a designer by DENIME. He had the deep affection
ond preference for jeans, So in C record-breaking replicci jedns trend in
Japan, he was to be a big figure in that trend.
After he left DENIME, he launched RESOLUTE in order to pursue his ideal style of
jeans again in 2010.

Head quarter】

Shibuya Property Tower 6F, 32-12 Higashi 1-Chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0011, JAPAN
Phone +81.(0)3.5774.8071
Fax +81.(0)3.5774.8099